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From Beyond the Grave; The Resurrection of King Tut, Part Four

From Beyond the Grave; The Resurrection of King Tut; Part Four

Gog and Magog

The ancient scriptures speak of “Gog and Magog” as creating havoc around the world, however this term given to the European Jews as a whole, with “Gog” being the leader and “Magog” being his people, being a misnomer.

Rabies and Rabbis

Rabies is an infection caused by the rabies virus. This virus attacks the brain, causing severe inflammation (encephalitis) and death.

A person or animal can become infected with the rabies virus in one of a few ways, including:

·  Bites
·  Non-bite exposure
·  Human-to-human transmission.

Bites from a rabid animal (an animal with rabies) are the most common way in which rabies transmission occurs. Non-bite exposure and human-to-human exposure are both rare.

Following is a list of causes or underlying conditions that could possibly cause Rabies includes:

  Raccoon bite - 44% of USA rabies cases
  Skunk bite - 28.5% of USA rabies cases
  Bat bite - 12.5% of USA rabies cases
  Fox bite (type of animal bite) - 5.5% of USA rabies cases
 Bite of an infected animal
  Aerosol through mucous membranes
 Sexual relations
  Transplant surgery


Rabies is spread by infected saliva that enters the body through a bite or broken skin. The virus travels from the wound to the brain, where it causes swelling, or inflammation. This inflammation leads to symptoms of the disease.

In the past, human cases in the United States usually resulted from a dog bite, but recently, more cases of human rabies have been linked to bats and raccoons.
 Rabies has also been transmitted without an actual bite.

Jewish “Rabbis”

Jewish teachers are named “Rab(b)i(e)s” by God for a reason, as shown below …

In the still running episodes of “The Honey Mooners” starring Jackie Gleason and Art Carney, they both were members of a Masonic Fraternity called “The Raccoon Club”. Many television shows, whether comedy or science fiction, are riddled with the truth in more ways than one.  Jackie Gleason and I were relatives.

“The ‘44’ Club”

Forbes ‘400’ Top Billionaire list, together with the ‘4,000’ (44) Jews who never showed up to work on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center also comprise the mystical 4,000 years before Christ in which, according to biblical chronology is when Adam, the first European Jew was created, but as you can see this is a misnomer as they have only been in circulation for 2,536 years as of 2010A.D., which began in 526BC.

These are the individuals mainly held accountable for the World Trade Center fiasco and have never been questioned let alone arrested.

The name of the Devil in Ancient Egypt, the “Lord of Chaos” was the God Set whose name is an alphanumeric ‘44’. In combination with him is the fact that the European Jews genes, including Spain as well as Israel, etc., are 44% fruit fly. The word “disease” is also an alphanumeric ‘44’.

The well known expression, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise” exclaimed by the actor in the hit television show, which is now in reruns, “Gomer Pyle” (the Jews are descended from the biblical Japheth and his wife Gomer, while the name “Pyle” is a play on the word “pyramid” as well as God, universally known as “El(ah)”.

The letters in the name ‘Pyle’ are a 25/16 for the first two letters and the number ‘14’ when totaling the first three letters as well as a ‘421’ as well as two ‘315’s. The sum total is a ‘58’ as King Tutankhamen was the 5th Hotep and the 8th incarnation of IMHOTEP.
 The name ‘Gomer Pyle’ totals a ‘58’ for each name which when totaled is an alphanumeric ‘26’ which is the Omega of the English alphabet.

Gomer’s expression “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise” is an alphanumeric ‘44’ – ‘44’ – ‘44’. Which totals a ‘105’ (‘132’).

On August 8, 2008 an event took place that never will again take place for over 25,777 years. This event was known as “The Great Alignment” in which the entire cosmos formed a perfectly straight line pointing to the earth which means that the earth to will soon be set straight.

The numbers ‘132’ (as above) plus ‘24’ (888) totals ‘156’ while ‘105’ plus ‘24’ totals a ‘129’.

The Silence of the Lambs

In this film the character Hannibal Lector tells Jodie Foster the expression “Fly, Fly, Fly” and the movie poster has a “fly” covering the mouth of actress Jodie Foster.

Three times ‘the fly’

Embedded in the word “fly” is the year ‘526’ (B.C.) as well as the number ‘142’. The sum total of the word “fly” is a ‘43’. Three times ‘43’ is ‘129’ as well as a reduced three sevens which proves that Amen Hotep cursed the Jews white as well as submitting them to decay into parasites back in 526 B.C.

God’s Green Earth

This expression is an alphanumeric ‘142’ and a ‘39/21/60’ as well as the sum total of the expression being ‘146’ (56).

The Identity of ‘The Supreme Being’

The word “Supreme” is an alphanumeric ‘97’. The word “Being” contains the numbers ‘25’;  ‘79’; ‘401’ and a ‘7’, or simply the rebirth of Amen Hotep as head (25th) of the 24 Elders who bears the number 7/14, the identity of whom has been made simple. When adding the number ‘6’ as a ‘33’ reduced using the word “The” as in ‘The Supreme Being’ we have a ’97 plus ’37 plus ‘6’. The double sevens are reduced to the number ‘5’ followed by the number ‘6’ for a ‘56’ while the remaining numbers (93) are reduced to a ‘12’. The number ‘56’ plus ‘12’ totals a ‘68’ (an ‘86’) for an 8.6.2 and a 12.26. 1956 as well as the year ‘526’ BC and the speed of “LIGHT” which travels, as embedded within our example, at ‘168,000’ feet per second, we also have ‘93’ plus the same ‘56’ for a total of ‘95’.

The alphanumeric table embedded in the word “light” displays 8.6.11, 8.6.2; 12.26.1956 with a 5/9 ratio. The word “light” itself totals an alphanumeric ’56.

The well known expression, “Jesus Christ” is also an alphanumeric ‘142’.

My name as Eric Robert Powell has four letters in the name ‘Eric’, six letters in the name ‘Robert’ and six letters in the name ‘Powell’ for an a combined total of ‘142’.

The Return of ‘Old Blue’ as IMHOTEP

Alphanumerically, the word “blue” is reduced to a for each letter respectively. This of course denotes the year ‘526’ B.C.

Remembering that the word “nine” is an alphanumeric ‘42’, the word “old” is an alphanumeric ‘105’ for the letter “O” and an alphanumeric ‘142’ for the letters “L.D.”

When these two sets of numbers are added together we finally find the number ‘67/76’ and the world’s salvation.

‘Say Cheese’

Why do people smile when they pronounce the old adage “say cheese”?

The Egyptian Prime Minister and Pharaoh named “Ay” and the sign of wisdom being the Serpent (‘S’), is alphanumerically (SAY) a ‘142’ as well as a ‘105’. These numbers, when added, form the number ‘247’ which is reduced to a ‘67/76’. This word also contains the day of resurrection as being 12.26.1956 with a 5/9 time ratio, it also contains the number ‘315’ as well as a ‘401’ and a ‘25’/’105’. It also contains ‘526’

The word “cheese” when reduced is an alphanumeric ‘315’.

In sum totals the word  “say” is an alphanumeric ‘45’ and the word “cheese” an alphanumeric ‘90’ both of which total a ‘315’.

The Final Word

The alphanumeric table behind the phrase “The Word”

Letters “W – O” are an alphanumeric ‘56’.
The letters “R – D” are a ‘94’ (our Sun is 94 million miles from Earth and my birth date of 12.26.56 when added together total a ‘94’).

The numbers ‘56’ and ‘94’ total a ‘150’ and in our case, the number ‘105’.

Using these numbers we find 12.26.1956 with a 5/9 time of birth requirement.

When we add the word “THE” to the “Word” we have ‘33’ plus ‘56’ plus ‘94’ which total ‘183’ for a ‘8.13’ = ‘21’ as well as a reduced 39/21/60 as well as my full name as a 26.6.2 = 34

Many individuals have been trained by the Jewish overlords of the Mass Media into believing that the name “ALLAH” is somehow evil and that Muslims are evil, but this stems from 9/11 and the proven Jewish Rite plot to raise (bring down) the World Trade Center which was originally built for just this occasion, and expected me to attend while it was brought down.

World = 56/97

Trade = ‘129’ being selectively for each letter therein, as a ‘2. 9. 1. 4. 5’ ,
= “195 (42) 6, which is also a 12.26.1956 as well as other niceties.

Center = my full name in exact digits being ‘35’ – ‘78’ – ‘11’ which total a ‘142’, as well as other important numerals being ‘95’, ‘23’, ‘25’, and ‘7/14’.

The entire alphanumeric behind the ‘World Trade Center’ is again here a ‘183’ = 21 as well as a reduced ‘39’ for a 39/21/60.

I promise to Judge the individuals involved as there is “life for life, tooth for tooth, hand for hand and foot for foot” as well as adequate compensation for all involved. 

It is my sincere desire to announce that a new Powell will seek the office of the Presidency of The United States.

Eric Robert Powell

Dated April 21, 2011

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